Learn From The Best To Be The Best

They’ve studied the Method extensively and have honed their sense of feel and timing to gain unbeatable experience. Discover how Clinton Anderson Professional and Certified Clinicians can bring the Method to you and help you realize your horsemanship dreams.
Professional Clinicians
Professional Clinicians represent the elite of Clinton’s certified instructors as they have mastered all levels of the Method. In addition to earning Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced levels of certification, Professional Clinicians have completed in-depth coursework in colt starting, young horse development (handling foals, weanlings and yearlings), problem solving and hobbling.
Certified Clinicians
Each clinician is handpicked by Clinton for their ability to work with a horse and their passion to share the Method. Clinicians spend 70 weeks on the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch studying the Method in depth, working with a variety of horses and being tested over their acquired knowledge. After living and breathing the Method alongside Clinton, the clinicians instruct in his exact style and can handle any training case.
Shana Terry has been studying the Method alongside Clinton since 1998 and earned her Professional Certification in 2009.
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